Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Your scam has been exposed and your unauthorized self-ordained position as spokesperson and enforcer on behalf of people that do not know you or want to know you will soon come to an end!

It has already been established that the DMCA complaints you have made on behalf of Varese Sarabande are illegal. That is 37 instances of perjury that could and might be filed against you. The lawyers at Varese Sarabande are now in possession of all of this information and I hope that they prosecute you to the full extent of their rights and ability!

It has also been confirmed that the 13 uncovered DMCA complaints you have made on behalf of have been filed without knowledge or authorization of that compnany. Thay are now very aware of your existance.

I have actually uncovered over 160 DMCA complaints you have made as Ebay Wise or Ebay_Wise  since 2009 against various people on behalf of Varese Sarabande, Chappell & Co. who is actually Warner/Chappell Music,, and Karla Bonoff. Their licensing departments have all been contacted in the hope that that they too will prosecute you for any illegal activity for which you might be guilty.

You've been a busy miscreant!

I have contacted the blog owners that you have wrongfully named in the illegal and unauthorized DMCA complaints and together we have and will continue to make numerous complaints about you to Blogger/Google, DMCA officials, Chilling Effects, the companies you claim to represent and legal council as to expose your true identity and start the process to bring possible legal proceedings against you for any/all possible offenses you have made against us and the companies you have fraudulently represented with your apparent acts of perjury.

It is obvious that you have now reverted to desperate acts of irritation and retaliation such as making complaints to divShare and Multiupload about RFW files that are not mentioned in any existing DMCA complaints. I have reported your illegal activity to them as well.

If my files are taken down - I will replace them  
If I lose this blog - I will replace it.

The worst thing that could happen is that I lose my ability to present RFW to my extended music family.
I do not fear legal retribution because I am willing and able to comply with any authorized request to Cease and Desist. I am transparent, available and ready to communicate with any person trying to make contact with me.

On the other hand, you have already committed many unethical, illegal and potentially damaging acts. Any additional activity that is eventually traced back to you (and it will) will only add to your well deserved prosecution. I will gladly testify.

I will play this game with you head on for as long as it takes. It is now my mission to see you go down.

You can not take away my birthday, my morals, my friends, my family or my pride - so bring it on!

You have decided to screw with the wrong person.

Dave RFW


Kwai Chang said...

Good detective work...
That'll teach him not to throw rocks at the beehive...
Good job, Dave!
(I was wrong...I thought it was software/policebots)

Radio Free Wohlman said...

Thanks KC

Any help you can give to the cause will be appreciated!

Dave RFW

Anonymous One said...

I have been very fascinated by the recent DMCA complaints/takedowns at At Your Bird Can Swing and, therefore, by extension, to what happened here.
I could not figure out what the recent take downs had in common.
I could not figure out what copyright interests Varese Sarabande had in anything to which the posted complaint referred. I could not understand that, if it was a Record Company, such as EMI complaining against THE BEACH BOYS, why all other EMI sound recordings which could have been included in the same complaint were not. Same for publishing interests. Why certain controlled compositions but not others?
That this turns out to have been done by A Random Idiot, and apparently one without a basic understanding of how Record Companies are structured and operate at that, makes complete sense.
There was no definable content pattern to these takedowns, therefore no definable content remedy to be implemented, because there was never any genuine, thoughtful substance to any of the complaints.

'Ebay Wise' is certainly subject to sanctions, civil and criminal, for each and every false DMCA Complaint. And, as recent Federal Court cases demonstrate, there are severe penalties possible. It would, however, likely require an entity that 'Ebay Wise' pretended to be to initiate any punitive action.
However, I would think the most important task now is to create a dialogue with Google to have all current and future DMCA complaints made by 'Ebay Wise' invalidated.
This probably will require a series of DMCA Counter Notices, or some other direct communication, made with the cooperation of, for example, Varese Sarabande, to confirm the fraud of 'Ebay Wise''s action.
The most any Blogger can hope for out of this is the automatic invalidation of any and all 'Ebay Wise' DMCA complaints, whether filed by name or IP address. This will not, of course, protect any Blogger from legitimate complaints for genuine rightsholders but it will, and properly so, shut 'Ebay Wise' down.

I think what you have done to sort this out is absolutely tremendous.
I congratulate you for your tenacity in undertaking the process to discover what actually happened.

ge said...

Beautiful! Good luck amigo

RicksterVC said...

Great Job! The thing about computers is they always leave a trail.

Don said...

Further investigation has demonstrated that the only DMCA complaints ever filed against me blog were from this bozo.

It would seem that he just went down the sidebar at Willard's or AYBCS and targeted every blog on the list.

I appreciate the initiative that you've taken to uncover this dickwad. Were I not three years unemployed, I'd kick in some money so that the perpetrator could be properly waterboarded.

Radio Free Wohlman said...

Once again, I appreciate the encouragement and ask you to do whatever you can to put Ebay Wise down.

The blog you save may be your own!

Dave RFW

Bless My Bones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
creature said...

Go Get Em! People like this should br banned from the internet!!!!!!

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